The Department of Software Engineering was established in 2003 with the goal of training students in consulting, designing, building and deploying software products. The Department of Software Engineering currently has 10 permanent staff, including 02 doctors, 02 PhD students, 04 masters. Graduated students have the opportunity to do an internship or to work at software companies that have a long term relationship with our Information Technology Faculty such as Cloud9 Solutions, CubeTech, TDA, FPT, etc., .  In addition, they can work in any organizations related to information technology in and outside the country.

Training Objectives

To train learners with political and moral qualities; have solid knowledge and expertise; have professional practice skills; have research capacity and creativity to solve problems related to analysis, design, construction, implementation and operation of information technology systems; have professional responsibility, ready to adapt to a diverse working environment; have the sense and ability to self-study to adapt to the continuous development of science and technology.

The software engineering major trains graduates to be able to:

  • Master the basic and in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering
  • Deploy and use application software, systems …
  • Analyze, build solutions, develop software on computers and mobile devices
  • Develop game applications on computers and mobile devices
  • Perform software testing activities

Career opportunities

Graduates have the opportunity to work as:

  • Programmers for software development and outsourcing companies.
  • Software developers or Software engineers.
  • Software testing and quality assurance engineers.
  • Project managers
  • Information technology specialists in agencies, businesses, schools.
  • Information technology researcher at research institutes and training institutions
  • Teacher at some training institutions.


3rd prize of student science research competition at ministerial level 2020

Won high prize in ImaginCup contest organized by Microsoft

Some companies cooperate and recruit staff every year