Meeting CTK28 alumni

On the occasion of the 14th graduation anniversary, towards the 20th founding anniversary of the FIT - DLU, the Alumni of CTK28 had a visit to the school and met and exchanged with the teachers of the FIT - DLU.

Representative of IT Faculty, Dr. Tran Ngo Nhu Khanh thanked the good feelings that the alumni gave to the faculty, at the same time congratulated the loyalty of K28 alumni, and congratulated the good results that the alumni had achieved for the past 14 years and wish you continued success. Dr. Tran Ngo Nhu Khanh expressed that the faculty always wants to connect and build a strong alumni community of the Faculty of Information Technology - DLU, in order to support students and faculty activities.

On behalf of the collective CTK28 alumni, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thang reported to the teachers about the successes and journey after 14 years of graduation, and expressed his emotion at the meeting. Returning to the old school, the 28 alumni were happy to see the development and innovation of the faculty and the University: Spacious lecture halls; Facilities in service of teaching and learning are invested and renewed; Scientific and technological research activities have developed strongly and achieved many achievements; Student movements are vibrant, with many achievements. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thang expressed his pride to be an Alumni of the Faculty of Information Technology - UD, expressing his deep gratitude to all the teachers who have taught and always watched and supported throughout the journey. He also shared about the recruitment needs and the desire to create many programs to connect and support alumni for the faculty and students studying at the faculty.

Also in the meeting, the alumni visited the faculty and gave meaningful gifts, expressing their deep gratitude to the FIT - DLU - The place where the first bricks were laid, helping to build the foundation foundation for alumni to be more confident and stable on their career path and in life.

Some photos from the meeting: